Focus on generating revenue.

We'll take care of the rest with the right tools.

Cloud Based Solutions & Integrations

Vend as your Point-of-Sale system, Unleashed/Dear for inventory control, Shopify for your e-commerce website,  all integrated with Xero accounting. Or run a Trade Me based business using Tradevine product management, fully integrated with both Shopify E-Commerce and Xero Accounting. Complete integration packages are available with ongoing support, management, maintenance and training.

Retail Point-of-Sale Hardware

Point of Sale hardware designed to work smoothly and flawlessly. All goods supplied at have been proven in high volume retail outlets such as a coffee outlet processing up to 1000 transactions per day. Products have been selected that are recommended for the Vend Point-of-Sale cloud based system.

Retail & Cloud Based Business Consulting

For select customers we offer on demand business management and administration. With nearly 20 years’ experience in IT, Finance, Operations and General Management in the retail industry, we can help you with almost any task to do with running a retail or product based business. Whether you need to employ staff, write a job contract, setup an accounting system, install a computer network or design and implement efficient processes (to name a few examples) then contact us.