Smart Cloud Based Point Of Sale For Any Business

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Get More From Your Point Of Sale System

Kounta is more than just another cloud based Point of Sale, it’s a business operating system. You can use Kounta from any device with a web browser and Kounta can be used with most current business hardware.

Manage your inventory from the web, keep your accounting consistent, create customer loyalty, take orders from smartphones and streamline communication. Better stores use better software and the best stores use Kounta.

Works on Almost Anything

Kounta will run on Macs and iOS devices, as well as PCs, Albert, Android and even legacy POS equipment. It also supports a wide array of printers, barcode scanners, credit card swipers, PIN pads, and cash drawers.

Lightning Fast

Kounta works fast, and is responsive to your input.  Beyond its efficient code, Kounta’s intuitive design makes using it quick and efficient, minimizing “user latency.”

All Your Data In One Place

Your inventory, menus, customers, employees, vendors, and purchases are all stored and tracked in Kounta.  And because your data lives in the cloud, we take care of security and backups.

Kounta Features

Point of Sale
Store Management

Store Management
Multi-Site Management

Cloud Security

Table Layouts
Developer’s API

Kounta Partner

We are certified Kounta specialists, we can help you smoothly setup and deploy Kounta at your business and provide ongoing Kounta support.

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